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apartment CH11

Viết nội dung tiếng Anh vào đây Have 0 review.
Floor 11
50 m2
1 Bedroom
2 Toilet
  • General information

    Viết nội dung tiếng Anh vào đây

    Total: 1 room
    Toilet: 2
    Bedroom: 1
    Bathroom: 2
    View room: Viết nội dung tiếng Anh vào đây
    Real check: Viết nội dung tiếng Anh vào đây
    Type of property: Viết nội dung tiếng Anh vào đây
    Kind room: Viết nội dung tiếng Anh vào đây
    Air conditioning
    Door locked
    Car park
    Wheelchairs for the disabled
    Pets Allowed
    Smoking Allowed
    Suitable for events
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    General rules

    Rules and regulations
    1.For visitors and outside organizations:
    _ Do not bring visitors to the apartment without the approval of the apartment management.
    Visitors must provide identification (ID, passport …) under the guidance of the receptionist. Guests are only allowed in the apartment upon confirmation by the owner.
    _ Do not disturb the security of the apartment and affect other residents.
    _ Visitors who wish to stay overnight are required to declare the reason and it must be accepted by the receptionist
    _ Do not spread or paste flyers, advertisements, etc. in the apartment.
    Preservation of property:
    _ Apartment tenants are not allowed to repair the utilities in the apartment by themselves (if they wish to relocate or change, they must inform the reception and obtain an agreement from the building management).
    _ If the occupants cause loss or damage to property, they shall be liable to pay compensation according to the provisions of the apartment or the declaration of the value of the property.
    _ When moving property in or out the apartment area, the tenant is responsible for declaring to the apartment staffs.
    – Do not disturb security of the apartment.
    _ Prohibition of acts of prostitution, gambling, drugs …
    _ The residents of the apartment using the utilities such as gym, yoga, swimming pool … must comply with the general rules.
    _ Do not use the public facilities of the apartment for personal purposes.
    Environmental sanitation and fire prevention:
    _ Apartment occupants and visitors must be obliged to comply with fire protection laws.
    _ No smoking in public areas (garage, elevator …).
    _ Check the water lock and turn off the heat source (kitchen, microwave, electric iron, water jug etc.) before leaving the apartment. When going out for a long day, switch off the circuit breaker, turn off the stove, gas valve lock and water valve lock.
    _ Do not plug the power cord directly into the outlet.
    _ Do not place near knives, power boards or power lines.
    _ Do not use gas to cook in the apartment.
    _ Do not place objects that might cause obstruction in the hallway or the emergency exits
    _ Firefighting equipment must be visible where it is easy to access and nobody is allowed to use it for another purpose
    – It is prohibited to store explosive materials such as gasoline, oil, flammable chemicals in the apartment.
    _It is prohibited to use electricity arbitrarily or overloaded
    _Do not burn incense in corridors and escalators.
    _Smoking is prohibited through windows and balconies.
    _Cooking prohibited in apartment corridors and stairs.
    _ Tenant must follow regulations on fire prevention and fighting. If you violate the rules will be subject to the level of penalty in accordance with the law.
    _ Disposal of toxic waste that pollutes the environment of the apartment is prohibited
    _Dispose of waste must be done at the designated place.
    _ Residents do not have pets in the apartment.
    5. Use elevators and stairs:
    _ Do not make noise, push others while using the lift.
    _Do not transport objects that are over the specified load.
    _Children under 6 years old are not allowed to enter the elevator alone.
    _When using a lifts for transporting furniture, residents must report to the building staff and take care of the elevator carefully to prevent damage.
    6. Regulations on safety
    _Do not carry flammable substances
    _Do not use gas to cook in the apartment.
    _Children under 6 years of age cannot enter the elevator alone.
    _Do not burn incense or burn incense in corridors and escalators

    Regulations on safety

    Viết nội dung tiếng Anh vào đây

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